Chen, Yaari, Vaki & Co. is one of Israel’s most appreciated law firms, as it provides the highest level of legal representation in high-profile legal proceedings.

The partnership between  Adv.Jack Chen and Adv. Yitzhak Yaari began in 2002. In 2010, they founded the firm of Chen-Yaari. In 2022, Adv. Prof. Yaniv Vaki joined the firm as a partner. The firm’s partners holds decades of experience in litigation, including the handling of hundreds of cases in the various courts, and the criminal sphere with an emphasis on white-collar crime, as well as in civil and commercial law and class actions.

The firm only handles litigation, and within this framework, it provides its clients with a complete crisis management solution. The firm’s clients usually come to it in their darkest hour, after a criminal investigation has begun, before the filing of an indictment, after receiving a statement of claim or when a severe business crisis occurs. From the moment they cross the threshold of Chen, Yaari, Vaki & Co., the firm’s clients receive around-the-clock attention from outstanding attorneys, which protects them and helps them to overcome the crisis, while minimizing potential damage, with the utmost sensitivity and discretion. Since we understand that each case is critical for the client, the handling and full responsibility for all the firm’s cases rests with the partners. Although the cases are handled by teams that include attorneys with different levels of seniority, the cases and representation before the courts and other external parties are handled personally by a senior attorney under the direct responsibility of the responsible partner.

In addition to many private clients from the top echelons of the business, public and private sectors, tycoons, foreign residents and senior officials from foreign countries with ties to Israel, the firm’s clients include some of the largest private and public companies from Israeli and abroad, state corporations and recognized financial institutions.

The firm’s partners regularly appear at professional conferences, lecture in academic institutions and give lectures to judges and attorneys.

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