Adv. Jack Chen

Specializes in the fields of white-collar Crime, criminal and administrative litigation

Adv. Yitzhak Yaari

Specializes in the fields of civil and commercial litigation and class actions

Adv. Prof. Yaniv Vaki

Specializes in criminal law and white collar crime

Chen, Yaari, Vaki & Co. is one of Israel’s most  appreciated law firms, as it provides the highest level of legal services to clients from the top echelons of the public, private and business sectors. The White Collar Crime Department is headed by Adv. JackChen and Adv. Prof. Vaki, and the Civil Litigation and Class Actions Department is headed by Adv. Yitzhak Yaari.


The legal vision

The firm’s vision is to find creative and optimal solutions for the client, by tenaciously supporting him with a brilliant legal strategy,while fighting uncompromisingly for his rights. From the moment they set foot in Chen, Yaari, Vaki & Co., the firm’s clients receive round-the-clock attention of outstanding attorneys, which protects them and helps them to overcome crises and challenges, while minimizing potential damage. Apart from many private clients from the business, public and private sectors, the firm’s clients include private and public companies, from Israel and abroad, state corporations and well-known financial institutions.

Areas of Practice

White collar department

Classification of Civil and Commercial Litigation

Our offices

Chen, Yaari, Vaki & Co. is located in the heart of the legal district in the center of Tel Aviv, near the courts complex and the center  of legal activity in Israel. The firm’s offices are completely accessible to its clients and offer them the utmost sensitivity and discretion.

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Chen, Yaari, Vaki & Co. are consistently ranked at the top of the profession, in Israel and abroad, in the fields of white-collar crime, commercial  litigation and class actions.


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