About us

The partnership between advocates Jack Chen and Yitzhak Yaari began in 2002. In 2010, they founded the law firm of Chen–Yaari, and in 2013 advocate Michal Rosen–Ozer joined the partnership. The law firm of Chen, Yaari, Rosen-Ozer & Co. is a specialized boutique firm, dealing strictly in litigation in the fields of criminal law (white collar), civil law, and administrative law.
In the field of criminal law, the firm specializes in a broad variety of white collar and financial offenses, including offenses of money laundering, securities, tax offenses and antitrust. In the field of civil litigation, the firm deals with representation in lawsuits and arbitrations in a variety of civil matters, including contractual and commercial conflicts, banking, securities, tenders and class action lawsuits. In the field of administrative law, the firm deals with representation for appeals to the administrative courts, and to the Supreme Court. The clients served by the firm include private and public companies, institutions, individuals in the financial sector, public servants, business people, lawyers, accountants, doctors, and more.
The firm is consistently rated by colleagues in newspapers and various surveys as one of the most prominent firms in the white collar field.